Travel Video With IPhone

When you are interested in a nice camera or device, do your own good and know how to use it. This goes without saying that owning the equipment is just a half-battle; learning how to use it is a crucial next move.

I viewed the Spark YouTube videos and spent days in a drone-friendly environment before getting confident aiming with my latest plane.

If you would rather speed it up, take a class — but you still need to know that time spent practicing to film a travel video on an iPhone is essential.

You forget to capture the audio

Visuals are part of a travel destination narrative. For a budget-friendly alternative, click on your mobile recording software or keep a tiny lavalier microphone while you are exploring the area.

edit video in iPhone

Just one kind of aim you are having

The best travel videos have a mix of wide-angle and narrow pictures that offer viewers a sense of place.

It is quick to whip up your wide-angle GoPro and call it a day, but to take your travel videos from great to awesome, you are going to have to treat the shooting phase differently. In fact, you are going to need to handle it like a filmmaker.

You are now absolutely handheld

Today, I am going to be the first to suggest that you do not always need a gimbal. It takes room in your baggage, it takes time to stabilize, and it can create quite an uproar in airport security (I speak from experience).

However, if you are looking to sell your footage or making a high-quality video, you might find some sort of stabilizer.

The smooth motion of the gimbal makes the average film look high-quality and shiny, allowing you to market the film for what it really is worth.

Stay tuned with me

You might note that YouTube travel videos are filled with walking images through the iconic cities, but if you are hoping to sell the footage in your posts, you need more than a blurry street scene and edit video in iPhone.

Spend time at attractive market stalls to snap sluggish pans around the kitchen — or, much better, get close-ups of food dealers.

These fast, compact shots are a vital part of setting the scene — you just need a handy travel tripod to help you stay safe.