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Benefits Of Twitter For Travel Business

Whether you are in the business of casinos, hotels, and cruise lines, or a member of your local CVB team, there are significant marketing chances on Twitter for you to consider.

What are the benefits of twitter for travel business?

Social networking is an essential platform for future travelers

More than a tenth of all travelers use social media to locate their destination. Additionally, 23 percent use social media to look at accommodation, 22 percent use the sites to check at holiday events, and 21 percent use them to locate attractions at their venue.

Facebook hashtags to raise interaction

Hashtags are codes that can be applied to messages for a number of purposes. We are going to get into how to utilize hashtags, but now, it is only good to know that these tags are strong.

Not only do hashtags bring your messages in front of different viewers and introduce your thoughts into global debates, but they also improve interaction.

Buffer looked at the tweets that were sent to their platform and found that tweets that have hashtags gets 2X engagement.

Using hashtags is crucial because social media is not about talking to potential visitors, it is about engaging potential visitors and promote tourism with twitter.


Facebook is really good for customer support and feedback

When booking travel, 89% of millennials schedule travel experiences based on material shared online by their peers.

Reviews and user-generated content are more relevant than ever for tourists, and Twitter is the best way to highlight and react to reviews.

When users of Twitter reach out to a brand, more than half of them expect a response. However, the figure goes up to 75% where the consumer has a concern.

Once again, Twitter proves to be a place to interact with visitors and let them know that you value them.