Our Story

And in 2006 Iraynka Lann founded what would become Ship Coal Yo, a nationally recognized marketing agency. As she loves to say, the company started in his bedroom and quickly expanded to the living room. “Home” is now a souped up garage just outside of Montgomery, AL. C’mon, where else would you expect a company called Ship Coal Yo to set up shop?

The Ship Coal Yo Crew

We believe that marketing is just too big for one person to know it all at an expert level. That’s why Ship Coal Yo relies on a team of experts, each with a deep understanding of their own area of marketing.

While there is a great deal of overlap between each of these areas, having experts in each discipline allows Ship Coal Yo to create an effective—and complete—approach to all of their clients’ web marketing campaigns. Jack of all trades, master of none? Not in this house!

The Ship Coal Yo Crew enjoys a flexible work schedule that allows them to work from home most days. But when they are together, they enjoy brainstorming how to make their clients more successful, discussing their favorite TV shows, and occasionally engaging in a competitive round.

Our Mission

Ship Coal Yo exists to serve our clients and enhance their web presence through inventive, custom strategies and implementation of marketing best practices. We aim to help companies achieve their financial goals as a means to increase prosperity for all people within their extended sphere of influence.

Our Vision

To provide an environment that promotes a healthy balance between career and family life. We endeavor to challenge every employee to stretch personally, professionally, and spiritually, so they might enjoy a richer, fuller and more meaningful life.

To be an exclusive marketing agency sought after by enterprise level businesses. To showcase a highly-skilled team that demonstrates exceptional customer service, depth of industry knowledge, advanced strategy development, inventive solutions, and uncompromised integrity. To be selective about the clients we serve based on a framework of suitability, profitability, and availability.