Shipping Coal for Christmas!

Do we ship coal internationally? YES WE DO!
Naughty people deserve filthy things... like a sack of coal!
Christmas will never be the same. Please contact for more information about shipping to your country!

Typically shipping costs are +$5-$10 for most countries, and we'll be adding international shipping checkout to this page by tomorrow!

Bookmark this page and come back tomorrow!

Great way to ruin secret santa!

How does it work?

It's pretty basic. Pay us $14.99 and we'll ship anyone you know 6-12oz of Anthracite coal in a mini stocking. Include a personalized note with your order when you're checking out through paypal.

Typically we include a plastic bag for the coal so it doesn't get everywhere, but we accept any / all requests. Want to get soot everywhere? You bad Santa... just mark a comment in the paypal transaction or email us at

Custom Coal!

We'll customize a large piece of Anthracite coal and ship it to anyone in the US for $9.99 + shipping.

Suggested text from our intern:

"You're fired!"
"Chris, you've been evicted"
"I'd like to break up"
"Let's get married?"
"I'm pregnant"
"Heard you got engaged, that sucks."

Contact Ship Coal, Yo!

Have a question about an order? Want us to ship internationally? Want to supersize your coal? We'll try and accommodate ANY request... @Press interested in interviewing Ship Coal Yo?
Email: Message Kyle on Twitter: @kylewaring