Ship Coal for Christmas!

We'll ship a mini Christmas stocking full of coal to anyone in the world!

$24.99 + shipping*

*Current shipments are expedited to arrive by Christmas!
Our shipping experts are logistical masterminds and will find the best delivery method available for only +$3.

Naughty people deserve filthy things... like a sack of coal!

Was Jimmy or Jess naughty this year?
Return the favor with a handful of coal and soot! Merry Christmas :)

Don't have a little Jimmy or Jess?
Revenge ship your enemies, ex, or your boss an anonymous package.

Each shipment includes a FREE handwritten message.

Excellent secret santa gift!

*If you'd like international shipping click here.
Rush delivery available upon request.

How does it work?

You bad Santa... We'll ship 5-10 lbs of anthracite coal For $24.99 we'll ship 1/2 cup (10-20 pieces) of Anthracite coal packaged in a mini christmas stocking. The stocking is then wrapped in Christmas wrapping paper and shipped anywhere in the world!

Ship Coal for Christmas Gifting coal always brings out a laugh!

From the creators of Ship Snow, Yo! and Ship Foliage comes the most hilarious gift this Christmas...

1 to Krampus, how evil are you? Want soot to get EVERYWHERE? We'll remove the plastic bag on the coal... because #yolo - email us

Ship Coal, Yo! comes highly recommended by...

1-piece Custom Coal!

We'll customize a large piece of Anthracite coal and ship it to anyone in the US for $9.99 + shipping.

Suggested text from our intern:

"You're fired!"
"Chris, you've been evicted"
"I'd like to break up"
"Let's get married?"
"I'm pregnant"
"Heard you got engaged, that sucks."

Contact Ship Coal, Yo!

Have a question about an order? Want us to ship internationally? Want to supersize your coal? We'll try and accommodate ANY request... @Press interested in interviewing Ship Coal Yo?
Email: Message Kyle on Twitter: @kylewaring